Double down on Gaming! (Updated)

Microsoft is already pushing the Gaming story pretty hard with the Xbox One family and the more traditional PC Gaming, but they also have to conquer newer markets like VR and mobile gaming. Continue reading


Spotify shows how NOT to publish apps to the Store

Recently Spotify brought their Desktop and even more recently, their TV app to the Windows Store. This is good news so far for all the people who were waiting for the popular music streaming service to become available through the Store, and also good news for Xbox users who were eagerly waiting for Spotify to break their PlayStation exclusivity.

But the app is also a perfect example to how not to use the Windows Store as a publisher.

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Better support for eBooks! (Updated)

With the Creators Update, Microsoft introduced a new feature in the system – Book reading.
They did a relatively decent job, started a new section in the Windows Store and added reader capabilities to Edge, like having a nice home page for your books, showing progress, etc., they also added support for EPUB in Edge, and though it’s not strictly part of the reading experience, the Night Light feature helps a lot when reading for a longer time.
But the problem is, this whole thing is just not quite ready for production.

Here are a couple of things, I’d like to see on this front. Continue reading

More PR for Touch (and Pen)!

Microsoft made an excellent job at inventing and making successful the 2-in-1 form factor. They pretty much took away Apple’s and Google’s tablet business, leaving them only with their smartphone offerings. But they didn’t win the war, not just yet and I think the lack of PR for this new category of touch capable devices and apps is the only thing holding them back.

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