What’s next for Cortana?

As for this holiday season, Microsoft is bringing Cortana to “traditional” Smart Speakers, so she can listen to us and answer questions from the middle of the room. This is nice, this kind of standalone device has its place on the market, it’s going to compete well against the similar products from Amazon, Google and Apple.

But I think Microsoft should be building on its unique strength, which is “having a PC on every desk”. Or an Xbox in plenty of living rooms. Microsoft could easily take on this market by utilising their strength of having a “brain” device somewhere in the house and then they can put cheap “edge devices” into every room.

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Lumia 640 and 640 XL names leaked ahead of MWC

Source: WinBeta

Personally I would welcome such naming change for the Lumia lineup because now it is getting out of hand and nobody knows what the numbers mean anymore.

I would suggest something like this: have 3 sizes (4″, 4.5″, 5″) and 3 spec category (low-end, midrange, flagship). And mix them together, it would give us 9 phones. Maybe we could take away the 5″ low-end and the 4″ flagship (because they might not make much sense), so we would have 7 phones at the end of the day. Ofcourse they could still have normal and DualSIM variations but that have never been treated as a separate model number anyway.

I would also suggest to emphasise the generation more so every Lumia phone would start with “Lumia 5” (because actually the 640 is a 5th generation Lumia) and after that we could specify the category and the size like “3S / 5M / 7L”. It would still leave the option to make a phablet like “1320 -> 5XL / 1520 -> 7XL”.

Microsoft is sending a “special notification” to a few Windows Insiders

So Microsoft is sending a little gift to some lucky Windows Insiders. A Neowin forum member was lucky enough to get this little gift and he posted a picture about the notification (as shown in the Neowin article). On the image we can read the following paragraph:

MWC event also includes an App Developer Conference on March 2nd. At the App Developer Conference you will find out more about the evolution of universal Windows apps and the tools they can use to build them. You will learn what you can do today in order to get ready to publish Windows 10 apps across tablet, PC, phone and other Windows devices later this year. You will also be able to get hands-on with the tools, connect with experts and engage with fellow developers and a few special surprises.

This paragrpah holds a lot of interesting information. For example the fact that there will be an App Developer Conference at MWC which is probably going to be a “mini BUILD”, a little bit of teaser.

It also mentions that attendees will be able to get hands-on with the tools which might also mean that Microsoft will release a Preview version of the Windows 10 SDK.

And I think it also worth mentioning how they phrased “get ready to publish Windows 10 apps across tablet, PC, phones and other Windows devices later this year“. Maybe they are referring to the Xbox One? Or the HoloLens? Maybe a 2nd generation of Microsoft Band? We will see, but one thing is for sure: the first week of March is going to be very interesting (and let’s not forget about GDC too, what is happening in the same time as MWC).