Continued: My rant about certain apps in the Windows Store

About a month ago I wrote an article about Spotify not publishing their apps properly (as a single entry) to the Store, but I found a bunch of new BAD EXAMPLES, and this time, they are coming straight from Microsoft.

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What’s next for Cortana?

As for this holiday season, Microsoft is bringing Cortana to “traditional” Smart Speakers, so she can listen to us and answer questions from the middle of the room. This is nice, this kind of standalone device has its place on the market, it’s going to compete well against the similar products from Amazon, Google and Apple.

But I think Microsoft should be building on its unique strength, which is “having a PC on every desk”. Or an Xbox in plenty of living rooms. Microsoft could easily take on this market by utilising their strength of having a “brain” device somewhere in the house and then they can put cheap “edge devices” into every room.

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Holiday Season Hype

Microsoft and its hardware partners announced quite a few interesting NEW stuff to come this year, that every tech-enthusiast should look forward to. I tried to keep up with the announcements and put together a small list of upcoming interesting things this fall.

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Mobile is not THAT important

I’d like to start by acknowledging that Mobile is (and will be) important, it’s an essential device, like a PC, but with that said I also think it’s vastly overrated.

Smartphones are not the one-and-only future, and to reflect to the countless articles about Windows Mobile’s, and with that, Windows’ (and even Microsoft’s) death, I think Microsoft will be just fine and if anyone, it will be Apple and Google who will have to be careful.

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The next step: UWP Drivers

With Windows 10, Microsoft finally arrived to the point where they can provide a so called Universal Windows Platform, a set of APIs that are available for developers on all kinds of Windows 10 based devices: PC, Mobile, Xbox One, HoloLens, Surface Hub and even IoT and Server. This is not much news, we’ve been talking about these apps for years now, but a less-known thing is that this platform is not just for apps but also for drivers.

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