Spotify shows how NOT to publish apps to the Store

Recently Spotify brought their Desktop and even more recently, their TV app to the Windows Store. This is good news so far for all the people who were waiting for the popular music streaming service to become available through the Store, and also good news for Xbox users who were eagerly waiting for Spotify to break their PlayStation exclusivity.

But the app is also a perfect example to how not to use the Windows Store as a publisher.

As of right now Spotify has different apps for Phone, PC and now also for Xbox. It’s NOT an UWP app, but there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s their business decision. But the fact that they published all these 3 apps as separate Store entities is unexplainable.

Instead of heaving the 3 separate Store entities, they should have one that acts as an aggregated view for all 3 of their apps. They would still have the exact same control over the apps, especially when it comes to updates and separate packages for different device types, but they would have that (not that) little free marketing in the Store that everyone would see – regardless of from which device they were searching for the app – that the app is also available on 2 other device types in the Windows ecosystem.

Even if we don’t care about Phone users, people on PC would have a little hint that the app is also available on Xbox and vice versa. Right now if they have any previous experience with the Store (and especially the little “Available on” section of the apps), and they search for Spotify on PC, they will get one match, that will say it’s only available on PC, and there won’t be the slightest hint about the app’s availability on Xbox or Phone.

And of course I know it’s not Spotify’s job to advertise Windows’ universality, but any major app in the Store where the “Available on” section lists more than PC is a piece of marketing for Microsoft to show that Windows is not just about traditional Desktop and Laptop PCs anymore, but Phone, Xbox, Mixed Reality, etc. – here I would refer to my previous article about the importance to differentiate the touch enabled apps in the Store.


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